Monday, April 5, 2010

Nutty Professors article

I mentioned way early on in blogging Mikita Brottman and her notorious article, "Nutty Professors," which recommends that universities refrain from hiring autistic faculty. The link I gave for the article was to the online edition of the Chronicle of Higher Education, which first had the bad sense to publish it. Alas, it is no longer free there so I'm including the link to the article as it appears in the Los Angeles Times. I'll try to fix the earlier link but figure there might be something galvanizing about a second look for some of us in 2010. Here also is the link to Kathleen Seidel's meticulous deconstruction of the article. Note that the LA printing still identifies Brottman as a practicing psychotherapist despite her absence of any professional credentials for that line of work.

Nutty Professors by Mikita Brottman 
Copyright 2010 The Chronicle of Higher Education. Reprinted with permission.

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